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Dublin – Places to Eat and Drink


“Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar” is a chain of fast-food specialized in Mexican food – you can choose between a burrito or quesadillas and ending up your meal with delicious churros. You can find a “Boojum” in different parts of Dublin and also in different cities of Ireland such as Galway, Derry and Belfast. We had already tried this chain of fast-food during our trip to Belfast so we knew it would be a good place to stop.

The burritos are really tasty and they are a big! which is always good. You can choose from different meats such as chicken, pulled pork, beef or choose their vegetarian option. Added to the meat you have a flour tortilla, rice (cilantro-lime or Mexican savory), beans (black or pinto), salsa, cheese and sour cream. If you are afraid of the spiciness of the burrito, don’t be worried, ours didn’t have any spice so you will be OK. Obviously if you love spice you can add that. Don’t miss the opportunity to try a truly street food of Ireland!

O’ Connell Street

If you want food and especially craving for fast-food this street is for you. You will find two MacDonald’s, two Burger Kings, loads of different restaurants and coffee shops. There is no way you will not find the food you are looking for in this street or at least really close. My husband loved to see that Burger King was opened at midnight and I loved the opportunity to try the doughnuts that are everywhere in the city.

To be honest if you want to try a doughnut you don’t need to come to O’Connell street, you will see stores selling them everywhere. Trust me.

Temple Bar District

Temple Bar District is one of the areas in Dublin you must visit. There are lots of places to eat, restaurants, street food, pubs and it is where the nightlife of the city in centered. Obviously the most famous pub is the Temple Bar and I highly recommend stepping in and have a pint or two.

The atmosphere is vibrant, energetic and fantastic. You have live music, statue, flowers, and if you come to Dublin during the winter months you’ll have thousand of Christmas decorations. It is like an Irish Christmas village inside this pub.

  • Our experience – Temple Bar Pub

Yes, yes and yes. It is not pricey as you could expect and it is amazing. As I said above the atmosphere is so lively and vibrant that you will definitely enjoy spending a couple of hours here. They don’t do proper meals, only sandwiches and snacks so I recommend having dinner in other restaurant and end up the evening in here.

  • Our personal experience – a bit of a let down

We decided we wanted to try traditional Irish food since we were in the country and for that reason we chose to have dinner in the Fitzsimons Hotel Temple Bar. It is a pub very close to the Temple Bar Pub but we didn’t become fans. The food was average, a bit pricey and the atmosphere dead. I would advise to try a different place to eat. But don’t get me wrong, in the end we had a decent meal, however not up to our expectations.

Grafton Street and Stephen’s Green Shopping mall

If you are looking for a quick lunch or coffee break you can always count on Grafton street or the shopping mall in the end of the road “St. Stephen’s Green shopping mall”. A lot of choices to fill you up and a nice walk around the most commercial street of the city.

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