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Dublin – Tips and Ideas

  • Weather

Ireland is a beautiful country most known for its stunning landscapes and green scenery. However you cannot forget it is Ireland and in Ireland it rains and it rains A LOT. Even though I have been to Ireland (including Northern Ireland) during winter/spring months I always got days with complete opposite weather, some days we got really bad storms which made our flight to Dublin being diverged to Shannon (a city in the opposite side of the country) and where people were actually praying due to the turbulence followed by days of beautiful clear blue sky.

My advice is to always take a rain coat with you even when you visit Ireland in mid-summer.

  • How to get to city from the airport

Even though the airport is not in the town center you can get to Dublin easily. There are always buses that can take you to the town center quickly. We stayed in the Riu Plaza Hotel at O’Connell street and we caught the buses 700 and 747 to go to the hotel and back to the airport. The ticket is 7 euros per person.

  • Free walking tour

If you have time (we didn’t in the end) and the weather allows I will suggest you going to a free-walking tour. You will have a bigger picture of the city, the meaning of each main touristic point and it is a nice walk through Dublin. There are two main companies that do these tours: Dublin Free Walking Tour and Sandemans Tours. The big difference is the starting point that you can check in their websites. You can also check the schedules and the itinerary. Both companies provide the tours in two different languages: English and Spanish.



  • Explore outside Dublin

Dublin is an amazing and vibrant city to explore. And anyone can deny it. However if you have extra time, maybe a day to spare I will recommend to visit places outside Dublin. Ireland is mainly about green nature and stunning landscapes. You have two options, if it is close like the fishing-village of Howth you can get public transportation or rent a car. If you prefer visiting the Wicklow Mountains, including the Guinness Lake you can go on an excursion (as we did) or rent a car. Other place very common to visit when you are a Dublin, even though it is a bit further than the other two options is the Cliffs of Moher. I think the money spent to go to these places is well-worth it and to be honest ours was not expensive at all.

We chose the “Glendalough & Wicklow Mountains Day Tour” and it was the best of the all trip without any doubt. You can check on their website https://graylineireland.com/ the other tours they offer but I am going to put down the details of the tour we did. Obviously if you look online you might find other companies that offer similar tours but I can only speak for myself and about my experience.

Website: https://graylineireland.com/dublin-tours/wicklow-mountains-tour/

Price: Around 33 Euros per person


09:00  Check-in at the Dublin Visitor Centre, 16 Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.
09:15   Departure towards the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough
10:45  Arrive at Glencree Cemetery
11:50   Arrive at P.S. I Love You Bridge
12:15   Arrive at Guinness Lake
13:00  Arrive at Glendalough Lake
15:30  Arrive at Avoca Village
17:30  Arrive back in Dublin City Centre

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