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Geneva – Food and Drinks

Cheese Fondue

  • Café Vaudois

This restaurant is literally 5 minutes walking from the Hotel International & Terminus. I wanted to have cheese fondue for dinner – first because I had never tried before and I have been to Paris (imagine!) and second I am a cheese lover so the idea of melted cheese right in front of me was too much to miss it. This restaurant was chosen by a local and it was delicious. Good price, good portions (1 foundue was enough for 3), friendly staff and cosy, rustic environment. The beer was not as expensive as we thought it would be so we had to try it too! Really good option if you are in the area.

Cheese fondue for dinner


Address: Rue des Alpes 16, 1201 Geneva

  • Au petit chalet

Don’t get me wrong, we were so happy with our dinner at Café Vaudois that we wouldn’t feel like changing restaurants. However one of our friends (the one who made the reservation at Café Vaudois) told us that at first he had tried to book a table at “Au petit chalet” but it was full. He said the restaurant inside has been decorated like a suisse chalet looking really pretty. He also said the food is yummy with good prices. As we ended up not going in this restaurant I don’t have any pictures but you can always take a look in their website:

!Tip: Book your dinner reservations in advance especially during weekends

  • Bains de Pâquis

Even though we haven’t eaten here we could see the potential of a great meal in a sunny day. The reviews that I read online were good and apparently you can get a good cheese fondue for a good price.


Address: Quai du Mont-Blanc 30, 1201 Geneva

  • Harmonie – Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the “Jonction” area. The food was good and it is not pricey at all. You can choose from different pizzas, pastas dishes or even more traditional local dishes. Friendly staff, welcoming environment and good food. What could you ask more?


Address: Boulevard de Saint-Georges 1, 1205 Geneva

Our suggestion for cakes

  • Migros

Migros is a swiss supermarket chain as Tesco in UK. Since I have started dating my husband I have heard so many times how amazing the cakes from Migros are. Yes, I have been told over and over again that you could find the most delicious cakes in the supermarket. Obviously having a sweet-tooth I had to try them and my husband was dying to take a bite in one of the most fond memories he had from his childhood. We bought two slices of black florest cake and a thousand-layer cake (only because I – not WE! – thought two cakes would be two much!)

Thousand-layer cake and 2 slices of black florest cake

I was speechless! Not about how good the cakes were, but because at the exact moment my husband saw the cakes he ran to them pushing me out of his way. As I basically flew against a guy that was next to me I had to spend a couple of seconds apologising. And there were a lot of cakes, it was not like they were running out!

We went back to our hotel to try these delicacies. Both of them were really good I admit. My husband said the black florest cake didn’t taste exactly the same. Apparently in the old days the cake had cherry liquor and nowadays Migros is an alcohol-free supermarket so that ingredient was taken out of the recipe. However, that didn’t stop us from eating until we felt the sugar and fat were clogging our veins. You can find a Migros in different locations in the city.


Our suggestion for drinks at home/hotel

  • “Drinks of the World” store

When we are in a new country we want to live the culture and that includes trying traditional food and drinks. We were surprised when we found out that most of the supermarkets in Geneva were alcohol-free i.e. they didn’t (don’t) sell any items that contains alcohol. As we were not sure if we would be able to have drinks during dinner – we thought they would be maybe too expensive – we looked up for stores where it was legal to buy alcoholic drinks. You can also look around your hotel area. Although if you are staying close or passing by Cornavin train station there is a store called “Drinks of the World” where you find a lot of different drinks.

As the name indicates they sell drinks from different countries. As we wanted to try swiss beer we decided to buy Quöllfrisch and  Feldschlösschen beers.


Address: Place de Cornavin 7, 1201 Geneva

Late night

  • McDonald’s

I don’t know how many times I have mentioned that Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world – and that includes “the probably most known fast-food chain” – McDonald’s. I have heard from people who live in Switzerland and from people who had already visited this city that McDonald’s was painfully expensive. For that reason, we thought we would never end up here. Well, we were wrong – it was eleven pm and we needed a place to have dinner. Imagine what was the only place we could find opened around us? Exactly – McDonald’s. To be fair I was aware of the price, but I was also going with big expectations, because I had been told that McDonald’s in Switzerland was one of the best – “The meat is tastier than in any other country” (which made sense since it is soooo pricey).

We got here at almost midnight and well, you know, since we were in a different country, we decided to try something that we only could find in Switzerland. Obviously, that was the most expensive option too. However, the picture on the menu looked good so me and my husband ended up ordering a McRaclette Bacon menu and paid 13 euros each. Yes, 13 euros EACH! If you are curious, the Big Mac menu is 8 euros, which is a lot more than the normal £1,99 that I usually pay in UK for a Big Mac and fries. While we were waiting we were thinking the burger would be amazing, changing our opinion about this fast-food chain. Well…in the end, a lot of raw onion (it was advertised cooked), the meat tasted the same as in any other McDonald we had tried before, and the price really didn’t meet the flavour.

Although at midnight we couldn’t complain much.  


  • La Makhno

We only went to this bar because we were taken by a friend who said it was a good place to have a drink. You can take a look online and see if this place is kind of your vibe. The drinks themselves were not expensive. We tried beer mixed with orange juice, which was an interesting combination of flavours.


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