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Geneva – Tips and Ideas

  • Public Transportation

Geneva is a very organized, cleaned and civilized city. And it is VERY expensive. Switzerland is considered if not the most expensive country in the world, certainly “one of”. For that reason it was a good surprise when we after landing saw a free ticket machine. The ticket is valid for 80 minutes in any “Geneva Public Transport” (from the airport to the city centre which includes tram, train and bus). For us this was really handy since it was exactly to the centre of the city that we were heading in.  

If you have booked a hotel in the city, the hotel should give you during the check-in a “Geneva Transport Card” valid for the time you are their host. This card gives you free access to all public transportation around the city centre.

I can’t forget to mention public transportation at least in Geneva, is very efficient and organized which really surprised me and made me respect this country even more.

  • Extent your trip and see more

I have mentioned this on the main post about Switzerland, but I want to mention it again. I felt Geneva was not a particularly excited city with loads to see. Even my husband said that a trip to the closest mountains (Mont Blanc) or to the cities around the Lake Lèman would give us a better idea of what is Switzerland. For this reason, I will advise you to include Geneva during a trip to the mountains or while heading to a trip around the Lake Lèman. Both of these choices are definitely included in my “future trips” list.

Check this video I found on Youtube from the channel “Road and Trip”.

Their Website:

To get to other cities like Lausanne or Montreux, you can choose going by train or renting a car (maybe this option will end up being more expensive?). You can also choose to go to the Swiss Alps which is still a bit far from Geneva, but you have the option of driving or getting a train. Alternatively, and in my opinion the best option, you have the closest mountain to Geneva, the Mont Blanc. In order to get there you can get, at the airport, the bus, the train or driving. When you arrive to  Chamonix (the town at the foot of the Mont Blanc) you need to get the cable car to go up – la téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi.

  • Disappointment with the venue but amazed with the orchestra

The reason why we came to Geneva was to go to one of the amazing concerts of Hans Zimmer. It was inspirational as expected and a lot of goosebumps going on during their performance. The disappointment was not with the show at all – it was AMAZING, and I really hope I have another opportunity to have this experience again. The disappointment was with the venue where the orchestra played. Arena Geneva was not big enough. There were seats, especially those in the front row, where you could see only half of the spectacle. Actually, I think that was what happened to most of the seats on the ground floor which was a let down. You could see from the peoples’ faces in the front rows they weren’t happy with their seats which being the most expensive tickets, it didn’t meet their expectations. Understandable!

3 thoughts on “Geneva – Tips and Ideas”

  1. Thanks again for sharing such nice tips about Geneva 🙂 would love to visit Switzerland 🙂 have a safe weekend, greetings from Lisbon, PedroL


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