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Next stop – “Nations”

This area was the last we explored in Geneva before coming back home and we limited time we had to choose what to visit. From our hotel we got the bus that took around 20 minutes and stopped in front of the United Nations headquarters. You can also get the tram that stops at “Nations” as the bus.

Palais des Nations and Ariana Museum

The “Palais des Nations” was built between 1929 and 1936 and it is the largest United Nations centre after New York. You can visit the building and the area but be aware it is closed on weekends, and since we came to this area on Sunday we didn’t have the opportunity to visit. You can check on the link below what time are the tours Monday to Friday and if you want to book them in advance.

This United Nations headquarters are located in the Ariana park, a pretty park to walk around and enjoy the view. In this area you also have the Ariana museum that displays beautiful pieces of ceramics and glass arts.

Website International Red Cross and Red Crescent museum:

Website Ariana Museum:

Broken Chair

Right in front of the main entrance of the Palais des Nations you have this giant sculpture depicting a chair with a broken leg. This statue was build in 1997 and it is 12 meters high. This monument symbolizes opposition to land mines and cluster bombs and it acts as a reminder to everyone who visits this area of Geneva.

P.S. Please don’t take pictures all smiley and don’t make videos jumping to get to the broken leg of the chair. Personally I think you are showing disrespect for what it means.

International Red Cross and Red Crescent museum

This is not a “normal” museum and in the end it was a very different experience of what I was expecting. This main subject of the exhibitions is focused on “The Humanitarian Adventure” and you will understand how this organisation was created and why and its importance in main different areas and locations of the globe. The exhibitions are very modern and interactive which makes this museum so unique.

There are three main exhibitions: defending human dignity, restoring family links and reducing natural risks. I think this museum it is for everybody’s taste. Personally I didn’t love it, it can be quite heavy psychologically but quite informative at the same time.

Price per ticket: 15 Euros


Address: Avenue de la Paix 17, 1202 Genève

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