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Switzerland – Geneva

Geneva is not a proper touristic city. Almost everyone that had visited it was either because they know somenone who live there or had time to spent before or after heading to the mountains. Even though we only spent one weekend in this city and for that reason didn’t have time to go to the mountains, my husband, who had lived in Geneva for 8 years assured me that is the best part of the region. Which means the mountais closest to Geneva are one of the places to add to the already too long list “Places to go in the future”. Adding to that he also said that Geneva is not the best city around the big lake Léman. He told that there are other cities more worth to visit such as Montreux, Lausanne, especially if you want to visit Switzerland either during Summer months or during Christmas. And yes, I can say the Christmas market in Geneva is rubbish so definitely choose another city if the Christmas markets are the reason why you are travelling. And as quick as that, other trip was added to the list – a trip to visit the cities around the Lake Léman.

You must be thinking, so why you chose Geneva to visit in the end of November?

  • 1st reason – We wanted to go to a concert of Hans Zimmer and this was the weekend we could go and it was in Geneva.
  • 2nd reason – My husband had lived in here for 8 years when he was a child and he haven’t visited ever since. This trip was basically a journey through his childhood.

I am also not saying Geneva is not worth to visit. In the end we had fun, cheese, cakes and lot of beer. My advice is for you to add Geneva to a bigger holiday – like before or after going to the Mountais for skiing or visiting another city around. 2 days are enough to see the main touristic places in Geneva.

I am reading what I have written so far and maybe I have put you off visiting Geneva, but don’t.

Next, I will add the places we visited, where and what we ate, and you will see this city is much better than I pictured above.

Places to Visit

  • CERN
  • Jet d’Eau (water jet)
  • Bains de Pâquis & Phare des Pâquis (Pâquis baths and lighthouse)
  • Rotunde du Mont-Blanc (Mont-Blanc rotunda)
  • Brunswick Monument
  • Jardin Anglais (English Garden)
  • Parc de La Grange (Rose Garden)
  • Basilica of Notre-Dame
  • Bourg-de-Four Square
  • Bastions Park and Reformation Wall
  • St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • Russian Orthodox church
  • Museum of Art and History
  • More option to visit in the Old Town
  • Palais des Nations and Ariana Museum
  • Broken chair
  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent museum

Food and Drinks

  • Cheese Fondue – Café Vaudois/ Au petit chalet/ Bains de Pâquis
  • Harmonie – Italian Restaurant
  • Cakes – Migros
  • Drinks at home/hotel – “Drinks of the World” store
  • Late Night – McDonald’s for food and La Makhno for drinks


  • Hotel International & Terminus

Tips and Ideas

  • Public Transportation
  • Extent your trip and see more
  • Disappointment with the venue but amazed with the orchestra

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