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One day to the westernmost point of Portugal

If you are in Lisbon and with some days to spare I recommend two trips outside but close to Lisbon. One of them is going to Sintra – you can go by public transportation and that is the best option. The second choice is driving to the westernmost point of Portugal, Cape Roca, while stopping in some strategic points. And this second option is where I am going to focus today.

I will recommend you to rent a car – it is usually cheap and the traffic is not bad so you will be able to enjoy your day. This day can be organised according to your taste. You decide how long you stay in each part of the day or even if you want to skip some steps so you can spend more time in one of them.

Cabo da Roca

So let’s start the trip – and we are starting by the westernmost point of Portugal, Cape Roca or as in Portuguese – Cabo da Roca.

If you are staying in Lisbon it will take you around 45 minutes driving until to get here. But don’t worry, this is longest drive you have to do all day. When you get here you will have the most AMAZING view of the sea and Sintra’s mountain. Take a deep breath and explore the area. I have been here a couple of times when I was living in Lisbon either during Summer and Winter and it doesn’t matter the weather (maybe unless it is raining) the panoramic view is worth the drive. Don’t worry about parking, there are a lot of space around and for free.

Praia do Guincho

When you decided you are done, it is time to go behind the steering wheel again and drive to Guincho beach (praia do Guincho). In here you can decided if you want to just lay down in the sand and enjoy swimming in the sea (be careful, sometimes the sea is a bit rough in this area) or you can walk around or even stop in a cafe or restaurant and have a snack or a drink. You decide what you want to do. This is one of the beaches of Portugal where many surfers visit all year around.

Boca do Inferno

From here you have the “Boca do Inferno” (direct translation in English “Hell’s Mouth”.

This cliff formation with an unique sea-arch is an amazing place to walk around. I recommend when driving from the Guincho beach to here to follow the coastline,you will get fantastic views of the sea and it is such a nice drive.

Cascais coastline

Depending on your plans for the evening, you can still stop in one of the beaches in the coastline such as “Carcavelos” or “Torre”. If you fancy something more up level you can spend some hours in the Oeiras Oceanic pool. Even though I think it is a bit expensive especially because you have the beach next to you, but it is always a good experience. I have been there twice and I haven’t regretted (however a bit pricey for my liking).


For dinner you will give you three main options, have dinner in a restaurant around “Carcavelos” beach. I have tried an Italian restaurant “Capricciosa” but there are other alternatives.

Crepes from Capricciosa

Just be careful to not choose a restaurant that will rip you off. The second choice is “Alges Market” or Mokuzai (sushi) that I have already mentioned on the previous post about Lisbon, where you have different choices in a vibrant environment and for good prices.

Spend the day as you wish

As I said in the beginning is up to you how you want to spend this day. You might want to start in the beach and then drive all the way up to the Cape Roca or you can skips both beaches and maybe spending some time exploring Cascais city which is also a good choice. Completely up to you!

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