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One day trips from London – New Forest and Stonehenge

We are know starting to get into our normal lives, but we cannot forget the COVID-19 is still around and we need to keep protecting us and the others. However the travel “bug”, let’s call it that, is going totally bunkers. After all it has been though months and we are only humans. For that reason I thought to come and share some ideas for a one day trip from London to those who live in UK and those who want to come and visit London but also take advantage of this bad situation and visit others places around London that trust me are so WELL worth to visit. Today I am starting with New Forest and Stonehenge.

We have visited those two places in two different trips but there are half an hour drive distant from each other so they can easily be visited on the same day. We usually travel by car around UK because it is easier to get to the more remote places but I am also talk of options which only require an easy train trip. For this post though I would recommend to rent a car, which usually is cheap. Be careful, in UK we drive on the left side of the road! Don’t get confused.


I will recommend to start this day quite early since from London city center to the Stonehenge is still around 2 hours driving and if you go early you can also escape the crazy tranffic in UK.

Most of you know or at least have heard about this mysterious prehystoric monument, a circle made of big stones! It is believed that the monument was built around 2500 BC and it surrounded of mystery. In fact it is not known who, how and why Stonehenge was built. Obviously a lot of studies and researches have been made to try to understand why this English icon is standing tall for us even nowadays be able to visit. It is known this area was the largest site of cremations cemeteries during the earliest stage of the monument, however many interpretations have been made and nowadays if for some it only represents the beauty and a UNESCO World Heritage site with historic meaning for others it is considered a sacred temple aligned with the Sun movements. This theory is the most generally accepted since the sun due to the alignment of the sun with Stonehenge during the summer solistice.

  • Our experience

We visited this place on the 31st of December and the weather was not amazing, but independently of what you believe and the meaning that you give to Stonehenge it is a place that you should visit if you come to UK or even if you live in UK due to its historic value and majestic architecture.

Although we drove to Stonehenge there are different excursions that come to this monument and if you think it would be easier for you than driving or even if you are only interested visiting this site and nothing else it is always a good choice (I am not sure if cheaper though). When you get to the area, there is a visitor center where you have a cafe and a replication of a pre historic village. To get to the Stonehenge you can either walk or get the shuttle bus (we chose the last because it was raining – “the great British weather” – prepare ourselves even if you visit UK in the middle of summer you have a big chance of getting rain or as has been lately REALLY hot!)

Due to the pandemic don’t forget to bring a mask with you.

For more information about tickets, history and more, you can visit the official website:

New Forest

New Forest is a 30-40 minutes drive from Stonehenge. If there is something that British people like is a good walk in the woods, especially during those days when the sun comes out. New Forest is any different. The New Forest National Park is a good place to walk around and enjoy the wild life – I will tell you a secret – they have deers!!

But they have also other animals like ponnies, cattle and birds (for those who are bird watchers!). It is a good place to visit and if you have kids you can free the reins for a little bit!

Milford on Sea

If you are around during a lovely summer day as we were you may want to get to the sea side. The closest big city is Bournemouth but to escape the crowds we went instead to Milford on Sea. We walk around the beach to the Hurst Castle.

This castle has had different functions, first it was a prison and then becoming a defending site during the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War. The castle is opened to public but unfortunately when we arrived it was already closed, but walking on the beach was such a pleasure that didn’t put us down. Before heading again to London we wanted to have a drink a some food and we ended up stopping at “The Beach House, Milford on Sea” where you had this amazing view of the sea with refreshing drinks and food.

With a big garden outside The Beach House is a good choice to practice social distancing!


Address: Beach House
Park Lane, Milford-on-Sea
Lymington, Hampshire
SO41 0PT

Attention: Now travelling have new “rules”

  • Have a mask with you all the time
  • Choose outside activities
  • Practice social distancing all the time
  • If you have any symptoms don’t travel
  • Bookings and tickets must be reserved and bought in advance to avoid disappointments
  • However, travelling is still fun, brings you new experiences, stories and change lives!!

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