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One day trips from London – Windsor and Thorpe Park

This is the second post of the series “One day trips from London”. Today I am going to get you one hour drive from London – to Windsor and Thorpe Park.

I’ll recommend that you go by car but you can also choose to go by public transport or maybe go in a exercusion if your interest is only in Windsor. This serie of suggestions to get away from London is mainly to the pandemic situation that has been happening recently and also for you to see that UK is much more than London. In my opinion, London is not by far the most beautiful and worthwhile place to visit in UK. However, London feels like a whole world closed in a city. But about London I will post another time.

Why Windsor?

Apart from being a really cute village with loads of pubs, cafes and a river crossing the town where you can do some canoeing during summer it is also the place where the Windsor Castle is, one of the Royal Castles and where Megan and Harry got married in 2018.

We visited the Windsor Castle right before Christmas when my and my husband’s families visited us. Because of the weather we didn’t explore the area that much, but I didn’t mind because the Christmas decorations were so impressive and everything looked so festive that visiting the Castle itself and the streets around were enough. It was not allowed to take pictures inside de castle and for that reason I am just posting the outside and the garden.

The Windsor Castle is still used by the Queen, mainly during weekends and it is the largest and the oldest castle occupied in the world. The castle has different rooms and expositions and prepare yourself to spend some hours exploring this place.

My advice if you are coming by car is to park in the car park near the train station and then walk to the castle. It is a short walk and you don’t need to be looking for a place to park especially when the traffic can be a bit hectic around this area.


Thorpe Park

Now if you are looking for some silly fun and adrenaline you can visit the Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park is an amusement park and it is good, especially when you are up to some craziness. There are a lot of different attractions but the most famous is the Saw- The Ride, The Sealth and the Nemesis Inferno. I think we tried almost all of them or at least the ones that we wanted to go. Maybe the most impressive is “The Stealth” with an accelaration from 0-80 mph in 1.9 seconds – it is the fastest coaster in UK and second tallest.

The Stealth – the semicircular coaster on the left side

If you need some encouragement you just need to go with someone that is as crazy as you. When we arrived me and my husband looked at the Stealth and we were like “Oh that is the one I would never go” until the end of the day when we looked at each other and asked at the same time “Shall we try it before going home?” (crazy people!)

You can spend a full day on the Thorpe Park and it would go fast, but I thought for those who need to compromise you could also add Windsor to your day.


Extra suggestions:

  • If you are going to visit both Windsor and Thorpe Park perhaps it is better to start by the amusement park with an empty stomach and then move on to Windsor
  • You can easily spend one day at each place, we actually visited both sites in different occasions
  • Don’t forget to take a face mask with you
  • Book the tickets in advance either for the Castle or the Park
  • There is a hotel that belongs to Thorpe Park if don’t want to drive
  • See some videos on the Youtube of the Thorpe Park attractions, it will make you want it to go
  • Practice social distancing at all times and stay safe

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