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One-day trips from London – Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters was our first trip after lockdown so you can imagine how happy I was getting a really sunny and warm day in UK and heading to the beach and to these cliffs, called Seven Sisters. Even though we REALLY wanted (and needed) to get away from our house and our jobs we also wanted a place that would be outdoors and not crowded. From this point the decision of visiting Seven Sisters was made easily.

So what is “Seven Sisters”?

The Seven Sisters are a group of seven sucessive chalk cliffs by the English channel, hence the name. They are part of the South Downs National Park and it comprises of a total of 21.9 Km. No, we didn’t walk all the way through especially because we drove here so it would be more than 40 Km to walk both ways. And even though the walk is not extremely hard it is a lot of going up and down.

How to get here?

You have a couple of alternatives to get to Seven Sisters. We decided to drive to Seaford because there is a free car park “South Hill Barn Car park” which led us to a beautiful small stony beach where people were sunbathing when we arrive (but not crowded).

From London:

  • Train to Eastbourne or Brighton and then getting a bus to the Seven Sisters County Park
  • Train to Seaford and walk straight to the Seven Sisters

If you think it is not going to be too tiring and you will walk the 21.9 Km – you can for example get the train to Seaford from London and then walk all the Seven Sisters trail and get the train at Eastbourne to London.

Both by train or car it will take you around 2 hours to get to the Seven Sisters from London.

What to do?

  • If you are coming from Seaford (as us) and the weather is warm enough, you can do a bit of sunbathing and maybe adventure yourself into the water. We did a bit of “trying” the water before starting our hike.
  • Walk, Walk and Walk. It is a lot of up and down but it is worth it. Believe, it is a beautiful scenary. I advise you to bring water and food with you. So you can stop at the middle or at any point of your journey and make a picnic with the amazing view of the cliffs and the sea. Even if you don’t fancy to a picnic bring water with you – it will be for a couple of hours without opportunity of buying some drinks/food.
  • Mainly enjoy! We travellers sometimes got trapped in the stress of having to visit everything and go everywhere and we forget what travelling is about – It is enjoying the journey, the experience and also it is knowing how and when to relax .

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