Barcelona – Tips and Ideas


  • Public Transportation


Public Transportation in Barcelona is expensive. That is why is a good idea to buy a travel card with unlimited journeys. You can use it as many times as you want or need and with different transport networks such as subway, tram, Montjuic funicular and bus. You can get the travel card in any subway or bus station. You can also buy it online, maybe it becomes cheaper.

We bought it for 2 days and we spent around 15 euros each. There are travel cards available for more days (more expensive, obviously).



  • Tickets to main attractions

Book the tickets online in advance for the main attractions such as “La Sagrada Família” and “Gaudí House – Museum”

Trust me!

We had to do it to visit some of the places we have been and it’s better to book in advance (not only on the previous day) if you want to be sure you get tickets for the time we are in the city.


  • Choose the right time to visit Barcelona

Check if there is a bank holiday in Barcelona when you want to visit it. The reason why is because we went there in the beginning of May and on the 1st of May is Bank Holiday and many of the places we wanted to visit were closed or closing early (e.g Chocolate Museum closed at 3 pm on that day).

Try to avoid Bank Holidays if you can.