Bruges – Tips and Ideas

How to get here

You have mainly two good choices: by train (Eurostar) and by airplane (around 2 hours from London). But in the end you will have to catch the train from Brussels or from the airport to Bruges. It is a journey of around 45 minutes plus getting a bus to the town center. You can walk from the train station to the center of Bruges but not when it is rainy.

How to get a bus

In this point I am being your best friend – Please check in the train station which is the correct bus to get to the address you want . Don’t assume, don’t ask the bus drivers, don’t just check on Google Maps. Please check with the person inside the ticket office.

We caught the bus that Google Maps indicated. And the driver confirmed we will be stopping close to our house. The bus actually started to go in the right direction but after passing by the main plaza (Grote Markt) we started to get further and further from our accommodation. After half an hour, at this point very far from our destination we asked the driver if we would be coming back to the main plaza. He said yes and after 10 minutes we realized we were back again to the train station. After 1 hour and half on the bus we thought it would be better start walking. We got out and we saw that even the bus number was not the same anymore.

Already upset with this situation it was in this moment we read the instructions from our Airbnb host that actually wrote which buses will be passing by our temporary house (and stopped in front of our door)

Please don’t do the same mistake, even though we got to know the city very well, mostly the non-touristic parts of the city.

Accommodation Stairs

I have already mentioned this on other post but I will do it again. If you have any mobility problems please be careful when choosing your accommodation. Our house, a traditional house, had narrow and very inclined stairs that we needed to climb to get to our bedrooms. We were always very careful when going up and down the house.

Free Tours – Walk fast or you loose your group

There are free tours that you can join in and this is a great way of learning more about the city ( you can check on this website for example: But, be mindful you need to walk quick to keep up with the tour. Bruges, at least when we were there, was crowded so we lost our group almost in the beginning. There were so many people and the city is full of nooks and crannies that is very easy for that to happen. It was a shame we didn’t get the entire tour, in the end we joined to a different group that was passing by.

Looking for our tour

Free concerts

On Site Oud Sint Jan you have the opportunity to attend to a free harp concert. It happens from Tuesday to Saturday at 3pm, 5pm and 6:30 pm, 40 minutes each concert. We found it relaxing and it was a different experience. The weather was also horrible so we were more than happy to spend an hour inside. Very interesting.

Adress: SITE OUD SINT JAN – Mariastraat 38