Bruges – Where to Stay?

We started by looking for hotels but we quickly realized the prices were a bit more expensive than expected (also the train and flight tickets) maybe because of the Christmas Market. We were a group of four so we decided it would be a better idea to find a place to stay using the airbnb platform. We looked for places close to the center so we didn’t have to travel very far. The city is not big but still, it is better if you stay close to the center of Bruges. By this point of the city you can get to everywhere by foot.

The house we chose it is managed by a Veterinary that has her clinic of the ground floor and rents the second and third floor. The house with its typical pointed roof was located in one of the traditional streets of Bruges. Inside there were stairs leading to both floors and in here I would like to say if you have any mobility problems don’t choose this type of accommodation. The stairs were very narrow and inclined. Even us were very careful to not fall. There were 2 bedrooms but one of them looked like an “adapted” space. It looked more like an attic that has been transformed into a bedroom. This “bedroom” had also a shower, a toilet and a sink. Even though it sounds weird, it was very handy. We had do be careful walking around this space because of the wood ceilings beams – as I said this bedroom had a lot of “attic-kind-of-vibe”. But it was very central and cheaper, so we were happy.

Typical Houses in Bruges