Edinburgh – Where to Eat and Drink?

Suggestions for Dinner


We came to this restaurant to have dinner. The moment you enter here you are taken to a Middle Eastern vibe. Our booked table was in a private decking area where we tried different tapas sized dishes. The food are delicacies from different Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Iran. You can also enjoy your time here while trying flavoured shisha pipe, as we did, and that is why our table was in the area. Otherwise the customers will sit in the restaurant room, which is very nicely decorated.

Website: http://pomegranatesrestaurant.com
Adress: 1 Antigua Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3NH


This is such a nice place to have a relaxing and fun dinner. The speciality is chicken wigs hence the name. It is a good place to share food among you and your friends. There are lots of different sauces to come with the wings, really a lot of sauces – look at this menu.

Our table of chicken wings

They have a Wall of Flame – a wall with pictures of people who accepted and won the challenge, eating 6 chicken wings with a REALLY spicy sauce. Trust me we tried, and well one of us almost threw up. The decoration of the place is a bit nerdy style with comics and action figures, and we loved it. The food is very cheap and tasty. That is why we came here twice during our stay in Edinburgh.

Website: http://wingsedinburgh.com
Adress: 5 – 7 Old Fishmarket Cl, High St, Edinburgh EH1 1RW

The Black Fox

We had lunch here after a long night. We tried the Burgers and they have one that caught our attention – the “Charlie Brown” burger with peanut butter and bacon. A very weird combination indeed and that is the reason we tried and actually very tasty. Not bad, not bad at all. I liked the vibe of the pub, very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Burger at Black Fox

Website: https://www.blackfoxleith.com
Adress: 17 Albert Place Edinburgh EH7 5HN Scotland

“Traditional” Scottish Cuisine


Oink Scottish Hog Roast

There are 3 different locations in the city where you can find these little snack/lunch restaurants. The speciality is the freshly pulled hog roast roll (pull pork rolls). In these restaurants a full pork is roasted every day from scratch, and it is this meat the pull pork sandwiches are made of. When the pork meat runs out no more rolls are made so it is better if you get quite early.

Oink Scottish Hog Roast restaurant

Note that if though they are supposed to be opened from 11 am to 5 pm, when the meat runs out the restaurant closes. For your roll you can choose the size, the bread, the sauces and the fillings.
Very tasty and worth to give it a try.


Website: https://www.oinkhogroast.co.uk/
Adress: Best if you check them on the website so you will know which one will be closer to you

Chip Shops – “Traditional” Street Food

In these chip shops you can find a lot of delicacies that even though very unhealthy are very popular. I am going to mention just the ones that we tried. Here we go:
– Deep-fried frozen pizza
– Kebab-pizza
– Deep- fried Mars bar

I know it doesn’t sound delicious, but these shops have a lot of clients. I personally think it is a step too far from the food we should eat but well, in the end I tried. In case you don’t like Mars bar, there are many other chocolates bars that you can choose from like Twix or Snickers or Bounty chocolate bars. You can find these shops very easily; they can be found almost in every corner of Edinburgh.

Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

As in any other part of England a full English Breakfast is one item that should be in your list of foods to try. There are loads of places around the city where you can sit and have a pleasant time eating a huge and flavoursome breakfast. Bear in mind most of the places do not provide this all day, only until 11ish.

Just a quick tip – If they have hot chocolate with orange flavour try it, it is so delicious.


Suggestions for Snacks and Quick Lunchs


Pubs, Pret a Manger and Costa

Coffee at Costa

All of these places above are spread through the city. Go to a pub have a pint and if hungry try melted camembert with raspberry jam. I love cheese and I was a happy woman eating this.

For a quick snack or lunch Pret a Manger and Costa are a good choice, they have sandwiches and coffee that you can take away with you and go on with your life or sit for a bit and relax before going ahead with your trip plans.


Drinks and Going Out





If there is a drink you should try this is the one. Bruadar is a liqueur made with malt whisky, honey and sloe berries. We first try it when we were visiting the gift shop on the Edinburgh Castle, because they were providing tasting samples at that time. You can buy a bottle in here or ordering it online. Even for people who isn’t a big fan of whisky like me, this is a nice and enjoyable drink.




Edinburgh is a lively and vibrant city. We never stayed in one place, we just scrolled down the road and we went to different pubs and bars. We had a drink here and there and we moved on to the next place so we could feel the different spirits of the night in Edinburgh.