Paris – Tips and Ideas


How to travel inside Paris?

As the main attractions are far from each other and it wouldn’t be practical to walk all the time, we bought the “Paris travel card” for 2 days. With this card we had unlimited travels inside center of Paris (zones 1-3) and we could get any type of public transportation i.e bus, underground, train. We paid 19.50 Euros each, but if we haven’t done this way it would have been much more expensive, so I think it is a well worth expense. You can see fares and tickets in The card can be bought in any underground station.


If you are arriving from and going to the airport Charles de Gaulle!

  • If you are flying from your country to the airport Charles de Gaulle and then to center of Paris, the best way is to book a taxi through your hotel. If you get a taxi at the airport you are going to pay a lot.
  • Give enough time to go back to the airport (or to anything really if you will decide to drive in Paris). The traffic is mad. No, worse, it is mental. I have never seen myself in the middle of such mess. Everyone gets stuck everywhere and angry and frustrated. So give enough time to not be in trouble.


Be careful!

If you are walking in Paris and you are approached by strangers talking about a “typical” Parisian thing with colorful trips in their hands, ready to make you a “bracelet”, run away. That happened to us when you were walking towards the Basilique Sacré-Coeur, and my boyfriend ended up robbed because they threatened of doing me harm if he didn’t give them money. Be careful!


Give enough time

To entry in some places, you need to give enough time because the probability of waiting in queues is high, for example to entry on the Saint-Chapelle and the Paris Catacombs. You can always look online and see if you can buy the tickets and skip the line.