Paris – Where to Eat and Drink?

Brioche Dorée

Brioche Dorée is a French chain of Cafés, spread around the city. In here you can have a quick lunch or stop for a snack.


We have been to two of their cafés.  In one of them, we had a menu that included a sandwich, a drink and a dessert (we chose a raspberry tart) for 8 euros. I think it was a good value for what we got.




The second time we went to Brioche Dorée was at the airport on our way home. We had the meringue lemon and the raspberry tart. Both desserts were delicious.





Boulangerie Artisan

This bakery was on the same street of our hotel. If there was a place we went several times during our stay, this was the place. Every night we went there and bought cakes. Listen: EVERY night. I think the owner should have assumed he has found the best clients ever. On our last night we bought here some cheese sandwiches and CAKES and had our dinner in our hotel room. They were delicious. All of them. Seriously, the best cakes of my life.



Address: 2 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris, France


20180221_195711No, I am not joking. No, I don’t think is tacky. One of the things that we were aware was the price of everything. Everything was (is) so expensive, and that obviously includes restaurants. So yeah, Domino’s. And we had it twice in the same week. I agree, probably is not the best way to experience the French cuisine, but you know what? The pizzas were damn good. They have “French versions” that includes raclette pizza and fondue pizza. Yeah, I know, fast food paradise: Raclette + pizza = perfection. I don’t want to know who disagrees (because they are obviously out of their minds).


See for yourself:


This place was our second choice for dinner on our second day in Paris. We wanted to try “Les Fondues de la Raclette” (even the name makes my mouth water. I think it will do to any cheese lover as me), but the place was full and without an advanced reservation there was no chance of getting a table that night.

29178584_2132164476809954_9195168927947161600_oSo because the reviews of the Krügen restaurant were good we came here. This restaurant was also packed but we were “lucky” enough to get a table. I will just explain the way I wrote “lucky”. I am convinced that it was our fault, that we didn’t order the best food here. Because even though we didn’t like the food the place was completely full , so it must be a problem with us, right? We ordered two crepes with mustard, ham and cheese and we found them really salty, not enjoyable at all. We also had a beer there, but it was nothing special. In the end we paid a total of 34 Euros for a meal that we didn’t like it.

Address: 58 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris, France


Chez Marianne

One of the foods that are popular in Paris are the falafels and obviously we wanted to try it. Our first idea was to go to “La’s du Fallafel” but as it was closed, we tried this place. Meh, it was nothing special. I would not look for it again.

Address: 2 Rue des Hospitalières Saint-Gervais, 75004 Paris, France

I think now it is explained why we had Domino’s twice, cheap and DELICIOUS.