Iceland – Food and Drinks

Let’s say we didn’t try many restaurants in Iceland, because the food and drinks are pricey. So most of the time we chose low cost options. And if you want to save some money you can follow the same as us.

Around the country

The most common places we got food from were either stores in the gas stations or supermarkets such as the Kjörbúðin at the Lake Mývatn. Sandwiches, crips, cookies and yoghurts were the usual items on our meals. Skyr, the famous Icelandic yoghurt, that was still not known when we visited Iceland, satisfied our hunger a lot of times by their high-protein content. Because yes, even in these stores the food was expensive. In the north my advice is to stop at Akureyri, one of the biggest cities in Iceland where there are shopping malls with different fast-food chains and supermarkets where you can have a meal and buy food to take with you.


  • Kriglan

Kriglan is a shopping center in the capital where you can find the cheapest options to eat if you want to go out but not spend much. We decided to grab some fresh food from the supermarket. In here they have a long counter with different choices like pasta, salads, cold meats, cheese among many other choices. It was a simple meal but tasty and most important cheap.

Address: Kringlan 4-12, 103 Reykjavík


  • Domino’s

This was our last meal in Iceland. We tried to go to Kriglan again but it was closed (on week days it closes at 18:30). After 6 days eating mainly sandwiches and crips we needed food! Serious food! You should see us buying 3 medium pizzas with garlic bead and eating like we were starving inside our car in front of the take-away. I can say it was the best pizza of my life.


  • Micro Bar

We came to this bar because of the reviews. Not only the micro bar is one of the oldest craft beers in Iceland it is also the one who offers a bigger variety of this drink. You can choose from ten beers on top plus a large variety of bottled craft beers. The atmosphere and the interior decoration inside was welcoming and intimate. The prices affordable.


Address: Vesturgata 2, 101 Reykjavík

Lake Mývatn

Daddi’s Pizza

This was the only proper restaurant we went during all of our trip to Iceland. We decided to come here because we had read in another website about travelling the pizza in here was amazing. We had great expectations when we arrived at night for a proper meal. First, the pizza looked like deep fried frozen pizza. Second, please have cash with you. We ran out of cash and because of that in the end we paid 80 euros for 2 pizzas and garlic bread. Although our experience was not that amazing the reviews from different websites are actually good, maybe because there are not a lot of places to eat out for reasonable prices around this area.

Address: Vogar, 660 Mývatn