Norway – Where to Eat and Drink?

We decided to embark in a new adventure – visiting Norway in a cruise. We ended up choosing Sapphire Princess Cruise – Search for the Northern Lights, a 12-night-cruise, stopping in 4 different cities of Norway. We went in the end of October so we could have the opportunity to see the amazing phenomenon known as Northern Lights and it wouldn’t be too cold so we could still explore the cities.

We did our reservation well in advance, we chose a mini suite, but there are different types of accommodation. With our reservation it was included all meals and that is the reason why we ended up having 95% of our meals inside the boat. if you are also interested in trying this different type of travelling, read the article below where I explain the different rooms, food court and restaurants plus entertainment that this cruise provides.

Food and Drinks

Basically you can have two types of Dining, the “Anytime Dining” or the “Traditional Dining“. The traditional dining allows you to dine at the same time each day and eat with the same table mates and waitstaff all of your trip.

We chose the “Anytime Dining” – we could have dinner anytime between 5:30 pm and 10 pm. There were 3 different restaurants to choose from, and even on the few occasions we had to wait for an available table it was never more than 10 minutes. Just bear in mind even though the restaurants have different names they have the same menu for that specific day, but a different menu each day.

Apart from that youu have 24-hour-room service, access to the Horizon Court, a buffet that is opened from 5:30 am to 10:30 pm, and also an exterior pizza, burger and ice-cream’s counters that were opened during the day.

We loved having the option to dress as informal as we wanted to grab some food at the Horizon Court, as much as be careful and dress up a little bit to have dinner in the restaurants. In two of our nights we had as dress code “Formal” where men put a suit on and women a cocktail dress or a long gown. We actually really liked to have the opportunity to put our best clothes on.

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Accommodation – Different types of rooms

Cheapest options:

  • “Interior” – These rooms are the most affordable ones, but they are also the smallest and they don’t have a window, hence the name “Interior”.
  • “Ocean view” – This accommodation is a bit bigger than the “Interior” rooms and have a small window.

More expensive options:

  • Balcony
  • Mini-Suite
  • Suite

All of these three options have a balcony. The only difference is the size of the room- the “Balcony” is the smallest and the “Suite” the largest. Also the “Balcony” doesn’t have a living room. Personally even though we loved our mini-suite, I think the Balcony is the best option, not the most expensive option and you still have a nice balcony.

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Every hour, every day, there were different activities going on. It could be musicals, magic shows, comedy shows or a movie under the stars.

  • Movie Under the Stars” – There were 3 movies per day shown in a giant screen outside next to the pools and hot-tubs. You could get cozy under a blanket or as us, inside the warm waters of a hot tub. This one of the best memories I have from this cruise.
  • Princess Theater – The best shows happened here. We had the opportunity to watch different shows such as musicals, singers from all around the world, comedy and magic shows and even very interesting lectures!
  • Lounges – There are different lounges where you could sit, relax, have a drink and enjoy the show of the night.
  • Nightclub – We came to the disco several times, even though most of the times was emptied. But still we had great cocktails and an amazing view.
  • Apart from the above you still have an Art Gallery and a Casino.

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