Porto – Tips and Ideas

– Travel by Train

Obviously if you are arriving from abroad, the best way to get here is by airplane. However, if you come by train make sure your last stop is at São Bento Railway Station. An amazing and beautiful reception will await for you. One of the most beautiful train stations in the all world. This place was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Monument of Portugal. Its almost 20,000 portuguese tiles displayed together featuring historical and ethnographic images .

Where to Stay?

Almost all the important stopping points in Porto are closed to each other. If you want to save money on transportation just book an hotel (or airbnb) in the center of the city and you can spend all the time just walking. The best option we found was the Hotel 110 (Porto – Where to Stay?) right in the center of Porto, with an amazing view, amazing breakfast and fantastic owners.

– Douro Cruise

If you can, extend your time in this region of Portugal and spend a day or two in a cruise along the Douro River. The views are breathtaking and it is a relaxing experience.

Wine Port Cellars

There are lots of cellars of different Port Wine brands around Porto. Independently of the one you will end up choosing, this is always an experience you cannot miss. This dessert wine is original from this region of Portugal and nothing else will put together as nicely culture and tradition.

– Don’t eat in “Ribeira”

I know you may think nothing will be nicer than having a meal looking at the river but don’t fall on that. The view will be amazing but the food and the prices will not be as rewarding. Just have a meal in a better restaurant and end up the night in a cafe or bar around having a drink. You will enjoy the view as much you have enjoyed the food.