Porto – Where to Eat and Drink?

Cachorrinhos da Batalha- Cervejaria Gazela

If I tell you that the specialty of this cafe is toasted bread with spicy sausage and melted cheese – does it sound delicious to you? I hope so. Because it is. So good that we have come here every time we visit Porto. In this little cafe located in a narrow street close to the Sao Joao National Theater, you can order this delicacy and if you are a Belgian beer fan you can have a pint of Grimbergen.

Website: https://m.facebook.com/cervejariagazela/

Address: Travessa Cimo de Vila 4 10, 4000-171 Porto

Francesinha – Café Santiago F

I don’t know if you are aware that there is an old argument about where you can eat the best Francesinha in Porto. For those who don’t know what Francesinha is, it’s basically a typical dish of this city, with bread, different grilled meats, cheese and a spicy sauce. It is usually served with fries. I am not saying this cafe is or isn’t the best place to eat this dish, but damn it is really good. As the place above every time we visit Porto we have one of our meals here. The portions are huge, the staff really nice e the food tasty.

Address: Rua de Passos Manuel 198, 4000-382 Porto

Leitaria da Quinta do Paço

This cafe is amazing especially for those who have a sweet tooth. There are different types of sweet pastries and cakes. It is most known for their eclairs and bolas de berlim (fried dough stuffed with fresh cream), but you cannot go wrong whichever delicacy you decide to order. We came here for a “brunch-kind-of-meal” and all of us were really happy with our food.

We went to the cafe located in Porto, but they have stores in different Portuguese cities like Lisbon and Braga.

Website: https://leitariadaquintadopaco.com/?lang=en

Address (Porto): Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 47, 4050-293 Porto

Restaurant “Palmeira”

We came to this restaurant to try typical dishes of the region. This restaurant in the center of the city seemed a good option for what we wanted. It was ordered a dish called “Tripas à moda do Porto” (Porto tripe), that is made with various types of meat, tripe, sausage and white beans. Even if the idea of eating tripe can be a bit off-putting, the tasty is worth to give it a go. If you are not too keen in trying this dish their menu has a great variety of fish and meat dishes you can choose from.

Website: https://www.restaurantepalmeiraporto.com/

Address: Rua de Sá da Bandeira 182, 4000-380 Porto

Restaurant “Flor dos Congregados”

Hidden in one of the narrow streets of Porto, this rustic restaurant with its intimate atmosphere provides you an incredible meal in a romantic and cozy ambience. The most known dish is called the Terylene sandwich, made with ham, pork loin and cheese. The food served in this restaurant is traditional of the region north of Portugal, but with a sophisticated touch. Some will find this place a bit pricey as we did but in the end we really enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

Note they don’t accept credit card which is a let down .

Address: Travessa dos Congregados 11, 4000-440 Porto

Macdonald’s dos Aliados

I know, why would you go to MacDonald’s? The only reason is – this MacDonald’s restaurant is special. Why is that? Because the MacDonald’s at Aliados is considered the most beautiful restaurant of this fast-food chain in the entire world. When you get inside you can almost forget you are in a normal fast-food restaurant due to a magnificent decoration that includes crystal chandeliers and stained glass windows.

Website: https://www.mcdonalds.pt/

Address: Praça da Liberdade 126, 4000-322 Porto

Marbella Cafe

his is not the most known cafe of this street. If you look online it is the Majestic cafe the one you will read about. I think personally the Majestic cafe it is a tourist-trap. The food is good and the place inside amazing but the prices are not worth it. We always choose the Marbella cafe, where the “Bolas de Berlim” (fried dough filled with cream) are the show of this place. You also have other traditional pastries you can choose from. They also do some quick-fix lunches, like soup, salads and sandwiches. You will be drooling only by looking at the store window.

Address: Rua de Santa Catarina 5, 4000-542 Porto

Via Catarina Shopping Center

If the weather is not very good or if you feel like doing some shopping you have right in the middle of Santa Catarina street this shopping center. You can have a nice and usually cheaper meal. You can choose for a burguer, pasta, sandwiches, noodles, basically the “fast-food” companies most known. In the end you can walk around inside this charismatic space and maybe buy some souvenirs.

Website: https://www.viacatarina.pt/

Address:  Rua de Santa Catarina 312 a 350, 4000-443 Porto

Ancora D’Ouro Cafe

At the door of the cafe

This cafe is very closed to the Clerigos tower, next to Porto university. This is a place where a lot of students come to study, eat or just have a drink. Even though the current name is “Ancora D’Ouro” it is most known for “Piolho”, its old name.

The atmosphere here is very relax and the prices of the food and the drinks are very accessible. The food served here is traditional “Portuense dishes” Even though this space was recently refurbished, it kept its original decoration. You will see a lot of “pictures” related to the different courses existent in the University, which show that this cafe is part of the university daily-life.

Website: http://www.cafepiolho.com/

Address: Praça de Parada Leitão 45, 4050-064 Porto