Brussels – Tips and Ideas


How to go?

  • From most of the countries in Europe (including Portugal) there are direct flights to Brussels. You can take a look at this website and found out which company is cheaper and suits you the best.
  • If you live in UK (like us) you have the choice of going by Eurostar (high speed train). That was the way we chose for this trip. You just have to compare if the prices are worth it and really I found it more comfortable, fewer queue lines and travelling time is almost the same (2 hours). If you want to give it a go you can check prices, timetables in here



  • If you want to visit places that are not close to the city center, the public transportation especially the underground are a great choice (even though we didn’t tried it).
  • Give enough time (at least an afternoon) to visit the Royal museums of fine arts
  • There is a viewpoint close to the Justice Palace, so you can see the city properly
  • If you really want to try a certain restaurant make a booking in advance (for discounts use )
  • Just enjoy the architecture of the city!!


Any doubt please just ask!!