Belgium – Brussels

This trip was not chosen by me but by my husband. We had booked time off from work because it was his birthday and since he is a true beer lover there was not better place to go than Belgium and in this case to the capital, Brussels. I can say that I was more than happy to go but not because of the beer, it was more the idea of eating waffles, chocolates and fries that push me to go.

But seriously, Brussels it is a lovely city (more than I expected) with beautiful churches where you can see breathtaking glass-stained examples. The people are very friendly and more than happy to explain things and help you. We met a lovely old-lady in one of the churches that explained to us the meaning of the glass-stained there present. She also helped us with restaurants and places to visit. So lovely.

So our trip was like this:

Where to Stay?

For accommodation we chose the Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre. It was one of the best hotel that we’ve been so far and the location is spot on.

What to Visit?

  • Grand Place
  • Manneken-Pis
  • Jeanneke Pis
  • Eglaise Notre-Dame de Bon Secours
  • Eglaise St. Nicolas
  • Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert
  • Cathedrale Saints Michel-et-Gudule
  • Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
  • Eglaise Notre-Dame Du Sablon
  • European Parliament
  • Panorama close to the Palais de Justice
  • Basilique Sacre-Coeur

Where to Eat and Drink?

Places where we had dinner

  • Amadeo (Ribs)
  • Grimbergen Cafe (Mussels)
  • Fritland (Fries)

Places for Waffles

  • A Maison Dandoy
  • Streets around the Manneken-Pis 

Places for Beer/Drinks

  • Delirium Cafe
  • A la Morte Subite
  • Poechenellekelder
  • De Valera’s 
  • Le Patin/Belga Cafe
  • Au Brasseur

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