Czech Republic – Prague

Prague, capital of Czech Republic, was one of my chosen cities to visit in 2019. It was such a positive surprise to visit and experience this city. I felt the same here as in Budapest – when I arrived to both cities I didn’t have much high expectations, however after spending some days in both my respect for the countries and the cultures has gone through the roof. Prague is not only a good place to have fun, going out, having a drink but it also a very cultural city. In Prague there is a mixture of different architectural styles (e.g. Gothic, Romanesque, Rococo, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Renaissance) coexisting side by side.

We had lots of fun, that is for sure. The Ice Pub was definitely one of our favorites places along with the Beer Spa. And the traditional Czech food is amazing. We tried delicious, mouth-watering food! I really recommend Prague and my only advise is to just enjoy what the city has to offer.

What to Visit?

Staré Město Old Town

  • Old Town Square and Prague Orloj (astronomic clock)
  • Beer Spa
  • Jewish Quarter
  • The Statue of Franz Kafka – “Description of a Struggle”
  • Head of Franz Kafka
  • The Dancing House
  • National Theatre
  • Sex machines museum
  • Karlova Street

Charles Bridge and Vltava river

Malá Strana Prague Castle

  • Prague Castle
  • Wallenstein Garden
  • Kampa
  • Lennon Wall

Where to Eat and Drink?

For Breakfast

  • Den Noc
  • Bond Cafe

For Dinner

  • U Dvou Velbloudu
  • Mincovna
  • La Casa Argentina

Snacks and Sweets

  • Chimney cakes
  • Czech Sausage

Night Out

  • Ice Pub
  • James Dean Prague
  • GoldFingers

Where to Stay?

  • Prague Siesta Apartments


Adress: Týnská 626/9, 110 00 Staré Město

Tips and Ideas

For some tips for Prague just check this page: