Iceland – Accommodation

During our trip to Iceland we travel around the country. To save some money we decided to look into guesthouses more than hotel and to be fair in some places guesthouses are the only choice. I am going to share my experiences in each of the cities we stopped. I hope it will help you.

Reykjavík Alba Guesthouse

In the capital we stayed at Alba Guesthouse in our first and last night in the country. The check-in is done from 3pm and you can only do it from 3pm. The day we arrived we got there at 2pm and the owner sent us away. Yes, he did give us a good first impression. Despite this initial episode our staying was actually very comfortable. Even though our room was better in our first night we didn’t mind and both rooms were cleaned and quiet. The breakfast was good and trust me you need to take advantage of the breakfast since the food is so expensive in Iceland. Both times we were there this guesthouse was almost full. Another demand of the owner is that you need to leave your outside shoes near the front door. You are not allowed to take them inside which can be a bit of an inconvenience if you just want to go to your car. Overall it was a good stay, and yes it seems the owner was awful but he actually tried to help us on our first day. Basically there was a big storm and he said if we wanted we could get a room for a second night and even after refusing he said if we found ourselves in trouble to get out of the capital to give him a call.

Good things: Parking , good breakfast, clean, quiet rooms and good price

Bad things: Doesn’t allow to check-in early (which is fair), we are not allowed to take your outside shoes to your room and the room don’t have private bathroom (shared only)

Classification: 3.8/5

Address: Eskihlíð 3, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland


VíkSteig Guesthouse

This guesthouse was the accommodation we chose for our second night in Iceland. I am actually sorry I didn’t have the opportunity of enjoying this area as much as I could. We got in here late at night because of closed roads but the owners were amazing. They completely understood our delay, well I think storms are quite common in Iceland, and they still got us dinner for a small fee, even though we hadn’t made reservation and again it was quite late already. This guesthouse is isolated, not properly closed to any village, and because of our delay we didn’t buy anything to eat. Our room was spacious and very quiet and had a private bathroom, but there are rooms with a shared one. The most beautiful thing was the view. Mountains, snow and sky, a match to heaven. We also had breakfast here and it was good for the price they asked.

Good things: Friendly and understanding staff, breakfast and dinner available, the nature around us

Bad things: To get to the reception was a bit difficult because it was off-path and there was a lot of snow and ice.

Classification: 4.4/5

Address: Steigarafleggjari, Iceland


Lake Mývatn – Dimmuborgir Guesthouse

Entrance to the complex Dimmuborgir Guesthouse

This was the place where we stayed for longer. The Dimmuborgir Guesthouse offers accommodation in cosy cottages and double rooms (we chose this option for being the cheapest). The small cottage we got was super comfortable and warm. It was not massive spacious but it was enough. And trust me when you’ll see the view from here every morning the space is going to be the last thing on your mind.

The view from our room

Classification: 4.8/5

Address: Geiteyjarströnd 1, 660 Mývatn, Islândia


“Grábrók Hotel and Holiday Homes

To get from Lake Mývatn back to Reykjavík we had roughly two days. We decided to stop around Grábók so we could visit the volcano and we wouldn’t be too far from the Víðgelmir Cave – our next and last stop before heading to the capital.

So we booked our room at Grábrók Hotel and Holiday Homes using the platform I am not going to add the website or the address because this place is closed permanently, which I am not surprised. Let’s say it was “an alternative environment” – you could easily flood the bathroom, hit with your head on the shelf they had put on top of the bed and the prices of the restaurant were painful expensive. Even though the location was good because it was right next to the Grábók volcano, it was a “special” experience. Anyway, now it is closed so you are safe from disappointment.

Classification: 1.5/5