Prague – Tips and Ideas

Prague is a vibrant and energetic city with lots of different things to do and see. So I am just going to write down some tips which maybe help you getting the best of Prague!

  • How to get to Prague and adding more cities to your trip

We flew to Prague (some of us from Lisbon-Portugal and others from London-UK). At the airport we used the Uber app to get transport to the city. Bear in mind the airport and the center of Prague are not very close to each other. Uber will be cheaper than a taxi (I am telling you this from personal experience).

Other way to get here is by train. Czech Republic, in the middle of Europe, are very close to other countries like Hungary and Austria. So instead of just flying to Prague you can plan an itinerary by train including different cities.

  • Beer Spa – Book in advance

Beer Spa was one of the best experiences we had in Prague. We stayed in Prague from Friday night to Monday night, so when we booked the Spa Beer the only slot available and suitable for us was Monday at 10 am. I think if you decide to also enjoy this experience is better to book as soon as possible to make sure you have suitable options for you.

  • Cash always and keeping an eye of how much you are spending

Prague is considered a very cheap city – and it is, don’t get me wrong. However it is better if you keep in mind how much you are spending. The coin is not the Euro and in the end all of us spent so much more of what we were expecting initially. As I said in another post about Prague, the only unfortunate thing I found about this city is having to pay to get into almost every place we wanted to visit.

Other important point is: some places only accept cash and not debit card e.g. the Ice Pub and stalls around the city, so it is a good idea of carrying some change with you all the time.

  • Convenience stores around Prague

Maybe this tip comes together with the previous one. If you found out you are spending too much or running low on money, instead of going out to a club or disco you can decide to stop at one of the many convenience stores around Prague and buy drinks. It will be much cheaper, they have different flavors that perhaps you have never tried and you still get a good “more homey” kind of night with your friends.